Principles & Values

RESPECT – Respect for all young people and their families, for the many communities which make up our society and for all those adults and agencies who work with and on behalf of young people in difficult and demanding circumstances.

POTENTIAL – Providing opportunities for all young people to reach their potential and be the best version of themselves.

UNIQUE – Recognising all young people are unique – working together to create individual learning opportunities – working with young people individually or in small groups, being non-judgemental, inclusive and empowering.

VALUES – Raising confidence and self-esteem, passing on the values of respect and tolerance in the multi-cultural society in which we work.

INNOVATION – Constantly reviewing our practice and resources to ensure we adopt innovative techniques to achieve the best results.

PARTNERSHIPS – Working collaboratively with partner agencies. Increasing opportunity and sustainability for all.

COMMITMENT – Recognising the expertise and commitment of our staff, rewarding them appropriately and offering relevant training and development opportunities to support personal career advancement.